Meeting Information

General Information (updated 2018-05-08)

The meeting begins Thursday afternoon 17 May 2018 and ends Sunday morning 20 May 2018.

Our primary audience is ”GS” riders (which does not necessarily mean that the bike has to be manufactured by BMW). The bike has to be ”street legal”, e.g. not “dirt bike” or similar and it should pass a regular inspection test – this means that silencer, headlights, indicators, rear-view mirrors, tires etc. must be approved for road use.

GS Meeting Sweden's a large number of participants - so many, that we have reached the limit for common areas, restrooms and showers.
With this large number of participants, the tours will quickly be fully subscribed. We may also be a nuisance to our environment, primarily in the close vicinity.
We also sometimes had a high load on our registration office, with waiting times as a result.
In short - we feel that we lose in quality due to quantity.
By pre-registration and pre-payment, and limiting the number of participants in GS Meeting, we hope to avoid the problems and make the event a better experience for everyone.
This is how it works:
• Starting on release date, You can register using link below.
• On the registration page, fill in Your name, e-mail, nationality, etc.
• The next step is to pay the registration fee, 400 SEK, by debit card, credit card or via a Swedish bank account.
• When finished, you will receive a confirmation mail that you have registered and paid.
The registration page will be in English only.
We CAN NOT pay you back if You, for any reason, are unable to attend but you are free to "sell" Your registration. If so, we ask You notify us via e-mail including name and e-mail to the person that substitutes You - we will then contact the person to get hers/his registration info.
Our only condition is that you sell the place at the same price or less than you paid.
Questions are preferable posted on Facebook so everyone can see them, but it is also possible to mail to the address above.

Registration and payment of registration fee (400 SEK) in advance see:

The registration fee includes access to the camping and site facilities, use of public BBQ and camp fire, meeting sticker, GPS route information and participation in our guided gravel tours.

Base camp – accommodation and facilities

The Base Camp is located at Feringe Segelflygklubb in Vittaryd, about 15 km north of Ljungby in Småland, in the south of Sweden. For more information and driving directions, see
GPS position (WGS84): Lat N 56°57′13″Lon E 13°55′31″
GPX file with waypoints

Site information:

  • Camping – bring your own tent. We can accommodate +100 tents. For indoor accommodation, search at
  • WC and showers available at no extra cost.
  • Public outdoor BBQ/campfire.
  • Kitchen where you can heat your own meals.
  • Dining room with tables/chairs
  • Vine, beer, snacks, ready-to-heat meals for sale – cash payment only!
  • Fuel station, food shops and restaurants available within 10-15 km.

Routes and guided tours

We are planning for three different kinds of routes in the surrounding areas:

  • Gravel Blue (easy, for all ”GS” type bikes and any tires)
  • Gravel Red (moderate, for all ”GS” type bikes, ”knobbie” tires recommended)
  • Paved roads (tarmac)

There will also be route suggestions available for the trip to/from the event.
We will offer guided gravel tours (Blue and Red) Friday and Saturday. GPS routes for self-guided tours will also be available.

Tour instructions

The day before

Sign up for a tour in the main building the day before!

Before the tour start

  • Be sure to turn up at the starting point for the selected tour at least 20 minutes before the tour starts, with your bike fully fueled and dressed in your protective gear and bring your helmet.
  • Bring water (at least one liter) and food for the tour, we (probably) won't stop for lunch at any restaurant.
  • Make a Waypoint in your gps so you can find your way back to the Base camp.
  • Store the phone number to the Base camp in your phone +46 725 564 402 and +46 702 471 261
  • Store the tour guides phone numbers in your phone.

Safety on the tour

  • Keep the distance to the bike in front of you, anything can turn up on the road that could make him brake or switch lane!
  • Always drive on the right side of the road, especially in corners where you can't see through!
  • Drive in your own pace, don't worry we won't leave you out there!
  • If you have problems, stop and wait, we will come to you!
  • If you lose the group, stop and wait for a while, if no one comes to pick you up, call Base camp general +46 702 471 261 and tell them you are on your way back!
  • When riding in areas where people live, sit down and drive extra carefully, no tracks in the gravel!
  • When meeting or seeing people, slow down, sit down, smile and wave!
  • When meeting horse riders, slow down, sit down, wait for contact or signal from the rider to pass, if horse is scared, turn off engine!
  • Look out for wild stuff, there are moose, reindeer, wild boar, ice bears and trigger happy hunters out there! ;)
  • Green stuff on the road (grass, moss and so on) is slippery, if wet extremely slippery!
  • Dirt roads get very slippery when wet!
  • We will stop every hour for a short break (drink water), and a couple of longer breaks for filling up energy.
  • Always come to the tour start with your bike fully fueled, we will stop during the tour for refueling after about 150 km.
  • And remember to have fun!

How we ride in group

We use the “Cornerman” system (if there is too few participants we might not use this system)

This is done as follows: The group leader always drives first and he appoints a "sweeper" who always drives last. When entering junctions/crossroads the group leader sets out the one currently running behind him as a pointer. He then becomes "cornerman" and points out the way for everyone else following in the group, and when the sweeper arrives he will tell the cornerman to drive off just before the sweeper.

The advantage of this system is that everyone can drive in their own pace, and the whole group doesn’t have to wait at each crossing, there is always someone who shows the way. Because the group members rotates in the group everyone gets the opportunity to run behind the group leader to ensure appropriate track selection, technique during cornering and so on.

This is VERY, VERY important. If you think it takes a while and it gets boring to wait in the crossing, remember that something might have happened to a rider behind you and keeps the group and the sweeper occupied. Just wait patiently, someone will come and pick you up sooner or later. If it gets dark, you are permitted to drive off :)

Emergency phone number: 112, be prepared to give coordinates from your gps!
Base camp phone number:   +46 725 564 402
Base camp general phone number: +46 702 471 261

More info:!/groups/gsmeetingsweden/

Welcome to the 2016 "basic" GS event!


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